SCRAMBLING – A New Web Series

That’s right. We’ve decided to create a new web series that will take you places, called Scrambling. While we have enjoyed (& will continue) getting to know dozens of local motorcycle racers, we realize that not everyone was born to race. And that’s perfectly fine! That doesn’t mean that you aren’t a motorcyclist we want to get to know.

Let’s face it, we are all scrambling around in our lives in one way or another. Sometimes the road you travel is well planned and executed, and other times it’s a hot mess. This new web series from Race Reels will accompany the “everyday motorcyclist” as they take us on a journey of their favorite routes, while also shedding some light on what got them on two wheels, what they like to eat, what their favorite hobbies include, how they take their coffee, really anything!!! Each Episode will be a great opportunity to just enjoy the company of a fellow rider and GET OUT AND RIDE. Perhaps you’ll even be, dare we say, “entertained.” That will of course be part of the plan and you can ultimately decide for yourself! In fact, we encourage your comments and questions as those will help us determine if this is a series you’d like to stick around.

The host and videographer/editor of Scrambling will be Race Reels Owner, Scott Murphy, who will accompany each guest and will ultimately be the one putting in the seat time aboard a 2019 Triumph Scrambler from OC Motorcycle. If you or someone you know is a motorcyclist that has a cool route that’s a good bit of fun to ride, shoot us a brief email at and tell us a little about it and why you’d make a great co-host for a day. You may be featured in a future Episode!!!

In case you missed our post on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube, here is a short intro video into the new series, Scrambling:

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