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"Livin' to exceed expectations." - Max

Max Ruml, a Pro Speedway Racer currently residing in Huntington Beach, CA is a 3-time AMA (Under 21) National Champion as well as an AMA National Best Pairs Champion to name a few merits. However, you may know him for his notorious "no-handed" wheelies, most commonly seen during a practice day at Milestone MX or after any big win. He and his brother Dillon have been racing ever since they could climb on a bike and have gained a solid reputation as both great athletes and leaders in the circle track industry. We've had the opportunity to work with Max several times and each time we learn something new about his amazing life and racing career. He not only works extremely hard but also has a kind heart and helps a lot of fellow riders both on and off the track. Take a look at the clip below to get to know Max in this exclusive Race Reel interview filmed at Industry Racing! Best of luck this season Max! You got this.